Go Forth Little Hero EP

by The Honeyduke's Cellar Gang

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Go Forth Little Hero is a wizard rock EP centered around the events in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


released January 1, 2011

Written and recorded by Zoe Johnson, 2010




The Honeyduke's Cellar Gang East Lansing, Michigan

23 year old nonbinary lover of fictional worlds, armed with a guitar, a microphone and a whole lot of unironic enthusiasm.

[they/them pronouns]

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Track Name: Prologue: Bless the Children
Fate has not been kind to them
These children now and past
None have suffered more than they
Who walk the honest path

How many blackened clouds
Will blot out the sun
How many battles will they lose
Before the war is won?

So hear our cry, and answer our call
Make heroes of them all
So bless the children of the dark age
Who rise up against their cage
Bless the children, show them how
And give them triumph now
Give them triumph now

All alone on a darkened path
“For love” is what they said
Love seems so distant when you
Can’t see the road ahead

How many tidal waves
Will crash upon their shore
How many will they lose?
Before they fight no more?

Give them triumph now

For there is something left
To believe in

And give them triumph now
Give them triumph now!
Track Name: Forsaken
“I get it. You chose him.”
“Ron, no—please—come back, come back!”
“He’s g-g-gone!”

How could you, thought you were my friend
Standing here, unable to comprehend
Didn’t we have something to defend?
Never would have predicted this end
Our trio now broken down to two
Didn’t it mean anything to you?
Thought I knew you, thought I knew
In the end there’s nothing I could do

Retreating shadow into pouring rain
I listen to her calling your name
Don’t you realize none of this was ever a game?
I have only myself to blame

We try to avoid speaking your name
Every time it causes her such pain
I never forced her to stay
Nothing’s ever gonna be the same
Snow on my parent’s tombstone’s you’ll never see
All because you chose to be free
No longer you, me, her; us three
Now only she is here for me


Only shadows
Sleeping, sleeping…Under snow
Only shadows
We’re the only ones who know


Only shadows
I see a distant glow
Track Name: Malfoy Manor (I Scream)
Here I sit
Nothing I can do but
Listen to her screaming above me
Here I stand
Yelling her name
As I try to break us free

In this house of nightmares
I scream "Hermione!"
"Hermione!" I scream (I scream)
I scream "Hermione!"

Here I sit
Wondering if
We’ll live to see tomorrow
Here I stand
I’d give up anything
For her, does she know?

I scream "Hermione!"
Track Name: Revolution
What if we could tear down these walls?
Hear us screaming? Revolution calls
No longer take commands
Mudblood generation’s stand

We won’t over look the
Pureblood philosophy
We’re just as good as you
We’ll prove what we can do

We could scream
From the top of our lungs
Fighting all
We were forced to become

We have to fight for what's ours
Always defending our cause
Revolution is beginning

In our hearts we know we’re winning
They can't bring us down
Bright red, we’ll paint this town
This won’t be our last kiss
There is more to life than this


They can't hold us down,
No they can't hold us down
We’ll take the place by storm
We’ll make the world transform

We'll break through the iron bars
Armed with nothing but heart and guitar
It’s more than a liberation
The uprising of a generation


Revolution is at hand
Fight for all you call your friends
It’s more than a liberation
The uprising of a generation!

Track Name: Fred
Where have you gone, my brother dear?
Have you gone, leaving me here?
So alone, without you beside me
And when I look down, it’s only one shadow I see

Oh Fred…I’m all alone tonight
Without you, is there a reason left to fight?
Oh Fred…I’m all alone tonight
Do you think I can live without you by my side?
Oh Fred…Oh Fred

So much mischief has gone unmanaged
So much we could have worked to our advantage
So many pranks we’ll never get to pull
Without you here, I guess I’ll never know

Jokes I’ll never get to tell
I knew it the moment that you fell
So many things you’ll never get to see
Brother mine, oh why did you leave?


But now it’s just one Weasley twin
Poor tragic George, what’s become of him?
I smile, and say I’m getting on all right
But you who knew me best would see that’s a lie
Fred…Oh Fred

Fred you’re not really gone
Because within me you’ll live on
And I know, as long as I’m here
You’ll never really disappear
Fred…Oh Fred
Track Name: Little Hero
This forest is so unlike
The home you left behind
Oh, child of circumstance,
What’s going through your mind?

So young, oh so young,
It’s come much too soon
But still, for the ones you love,
You march willing towards your doom

So young, and yet so brave,
The hour is growing late
So go forth, little hero,
Such is your fate

So much you have accomplished,
So much good you’ve done
Does it make you proud, little hero,
To know you’re your father’s son?

We’re the mist, the thoughts you once had,
We watch you as you go
So willing to give up
Everything you know


And so as you march forward,
We watch as you go
So be brave, little hero,
We’ll miss you so…
...Little hero